How to get started with the WBOA

If you are new to the sport of officiating or maybe you have been at it a while and now want to join an association, this is the right place to start.  We are going to assume that you are already registered with the IHSA.  If you are not registered with the state, then visit the IHSA web site ( and complete your registration.  From there, click the link at your left to contact any Board member.

Now that you are registered with the state, it is on to bigger and better things.  Some associations have closed memberships while others have open memberships, ours is the latter -- we think anyone who wants to improve their officiating should be able to do so, to that end, we are always accepting new people into our organization.

Our group primarily consists of officials who live in the western suburbs, although that is not always the case, we have officials who live as far northwest as McHenry and as far southeast as Mokena. We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of officials in our group, in fact we have had officials work the State Tournament downstate for each of the last several years and almost every year our organization has been in existence.

Whatever your reason for coming to the group, we are happy to have you here and look forward to meeting you at one of our future meetings.

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